Private events

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Private events With Rosa Salva’s organizational capacity and long experience, they can guarantee the success of any private party by skillfully honing in on the guests’ particular tastes and wishes. CONTACT US Cocktails, buffet and table service is designed especially for each residence, every pre-meditated [...]

Inauguration and Institutional Events

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Inaugurations and Institutional Events For official ceremonies, inaugurations and public events Rosa Salva ensures immaculate service, tailored to and conforming to the requested protocol. CONTACT US Rosa Salva implements the experience from the catering and banqueting prepared for summits and meetings for heads of state and [...]

Catering for Conferences

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Catering for Conferences Venice is the ideal city for organizing conferences and meetings, and Rosa Salva organizes lunches, coffee breaks, cocktail parties and gala dinners all over: from the Island of San Giorgio to the Scuola di San Rocco, to historic monumental buildings such as Palazzo Pisani and Palazzo Curtis Vigano. [...]


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Weddings Rosa Salva ensures reliability and top-notch competency for a day where nothing can go wrong. CONTACT US The ceremony, the party, and the wedding feast will be a huge success thanks to combination of the wedding couple’s desires and the experience of Rosa Salva whose [...]

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