Our Desserts

Sweet tooth connoisseurs choose Rosa Salva desserts for the top quality of creams and pastries, made with fresh ingredients in true Venetian pastry tradition, that are winners time and time again of prestigious awards.

Pyramids of bignè (cream puffs), zuppe inglesi (liqueur-dipped ladyfingers), babà (rum cake), sfogliate (thin-layered pastries) and tarts, finely decorated traditional cakes and fanciful cakes, classic baked goods, and new flavors are prepared for every occasion.

Last but not least, there are the Venetians desserts: from the famous tiramisu to the zaletti cornmeal cookies to be dipped in vin santo (an Italian dessert wine), to the zabajone (a custard mixed with sweet wine dessert) to enjoy with typical Venetian baicoli biscuits…


If you have a refined sweet palate, Rosa Salva prepares cakes for every special occasion: weddings, anniversaries, baptisms, birthdays, and unforgettable get-togethers…

The creams and custards, chocolates, sponge cake, thin-layered pastries, short crust pastries and cream puffs are prepared with high-grade ingredients and each type of cake is made according to the classic pastry-making guidelines, whether traditional or extravagant, with classic decorations or customized.