Our Strenght

Having mastered the classic Italian cuisine and the Venetian one, for five generations now, Rosa Salva has also been taking on the innovations of taste at an international level for their guests. The common denominator is always the quality of ingredients and their preparation, supervised throughout the entire process by the Rosa Salva chefs.

For a luxury style event, the traditional dishes are prepared by Rosa Salva with the same care as when they use to “cook for the royal house” and from which they are the holders of awards, precious ancient books, sample menus used for major events, historic utensils, correspondences with masters such as Escoffier and long-standing important families, all protectively preserved by Rosa Salva.

The Venetian Cuisine

Cucina Veneziana

For those who want to immerse themselves in the flavors of Venetian cuisine, to celebrate with desserts and the dolzetti (sweets) loved by Goldoni, Rosa Salva offers all its natural wisdom because Rosa Salva and Venetian tradition are one in the same.

The large kitchens, pastry shops and all their services have always been based in the heart of Venice – as well as Mestre – and it is from this center where Rosa Salva prepares desserts, cicchetti (finger foods), catering and banquets for Venetians since the 1800s.

Finger Foods

Finger Food

Nimbleness, imagination and the fluidity of the service characterize the finger food buffet where Rosa Salva enhances and concentrates on the flavors of haute cuisine blending the new trends in tastes with imaginative compositions for cocktail events, parties and banquets.

Cook Shop

Cook Shop

Are you cramped for time, but want to taste the local specialties at the Rosa Salva shops?
Would you like to whip up lunches and dinners at home?

Visit us and you will find them ready-made or custom order the outstanding dishes prepared daily from our kitchens.